Don't waste time trying to think of the perfect gift this Valentine's Day just take a glance at the List that Country Living has put together and pick something. They have even included the links so you can order online with your Amazon Prime and have it wrapped and ready by Thursday. Yes, Thursday February 14th. Did it sneak up on you again?

Like most people I always have the best intentions for Valentine's Day. I plan to pick up a card and a gift at some point before Valentine's Day then suddenly you are out of shopping days. It almost feels like Christmas shopping all over again expect everything is pink themed and covered in hearts.

Hopefully you have been able to set aside sometime in the next few days to get you your favorite local flower shop or candy maker. Maybe even a jewelry store for something sparkly. But if time is going to get the best of you and dinner and flowers seems over done then grab a quick look at the list I found online with Country Living. Some of the ideas a fresh and new and mostly pink.

Everything from kitty cat wine charms to pink designer ties, silk pajamas to phone chargers. There is jewelry, wine and even a heart shaped umbrella. The list of 50 plus things will at least give you inspiration if you are still feeling like you should shop local which I always encourage.

Some local Folks who can help

Something Pretty: Salix Intimates

Custom Jewelry: Hudson Valley Gold Smith's

Something Sweet: Krause's Chocolate


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