Looking back over the menu from this past weekend I realized that a July culinary tradition was missing from my plate. I suddenly realized that I know longer had lobster for the Fourth of July dinner and I can't for the life of me recall when that changed. I can boldly state though that I was on trend with my BBQ food choice.

Growing up my family had certain foods for certain holidays. Christmas is Roast Beef. Thanksgiving is Turkey. Easter was always fresh ham and Fourth of July was lobster. You might think that lobster was on the menu because we vacationed in Massachusetts and that might have something to do with it but It actually was because I grew up in Cornwall and the Lions Club always sold it at the town hall.

Even after I moved from Cornwall I can remember still getting lobsters to cook from the local seafood market. But looking back over the past few years I have been skipping the lobster. This year like the past few years it seems to be ribs and the ever more popular Hot Dog.

So what are the big foods we ate this past week? According to a 2016 news article Hot Dogs are all the rage as a matter of fact they estimated that year we ate 150 million. In 2017 USA Today online ranked our favorites and again Hot Dogs were on top. Good Housekeeping came up with a great list for this summer. You probably didn't get to all 35 so lucky for us there is still plenty of BBQ season left to try out the ones we missed out on over the 4th.


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