I have brought this up before and I am definitely bringing up again because this Friday is National Skip the Straw Day. It might seem stupid or even impossible to imagine not getting a straw or plastic stirrer when you are out getting a soda or coffee, but trust me it is easier than you think.

This Friday please try it. When you are in line getting that super size beverage ask your self do I really need the straw or could I live on the edge and drink with out it. Every year millions upon billions of plastic straws end up in landfills and ocean never to disintegrate. According to "The Last Plastic Straw" Americans consume enough plastic straws each year to fill up Yankee Stadium over 9 times. That is a lot of straws.

Founded in 2017 National Skip the Straw Day is designed to help up think about how often we use a plastic straw. Then think about if we really need the straw. And lastly consider a biodegradable alternative like paper, bamboo or stainless steel which can be reused. A great way to celebrate Friday is to purchase your first reusable straw and then use it everyday after for all your drinks. If that is too much of a commitment at least consider going strawless for 24 hours.

Something else to note on Friday is how many places have already replaced their plastic straws and stirrers with ones that are more eco friendly. Notice if your coffee shop has gone to using the wooden stirrer. And ask if the shop you by your iced drink at has gone to the version of the straw which does disintegrate or better is actually paper. If they have thank them for doing there part.

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