You are probably aware that the First day of Spring is this week. On Tuesday at 12:15pm Spring officially arrives to the North East a welcome season for those of us tired of winter. So once you get past the excitement of Spring finally being declared in the Hudson Valley get ready to celebrate with National Chip and Dip Day.

Just in time for the NCAA Sweet Sixteen and Elite Eight we can breakout the chips and dip to mark this food holiday on the 2018 calendar. This Friday March 23rd fill up a bowl with your favorite chips and mix up a batch of your favorite dip then snack to your heart's content. March 23rd every year is National Chip and Dip Day and according to the "National Day Calendar" follows National Chip Day that is celebrated on March 14th.

There are no rules to what type of chips or dips you can enjoy. All chips and dips are included. So head out to the snack isle before Friday so you can take part in one of our favorite food holidays.

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