Even if you have never done this you must know someone who has, dressed there pet up and not just on Halloween. There are the obvious times of year, Halloween, Christmas or local pet parade but did you know that January 14th is National dress Up Your Pet Day?

The picture above is of my dog Pearl and the one and only time she ever wore anything but her collar. We posed for the picture to thank the person who got it for us and then promptly donated it to a shelter before it ended up shredded. Some dogs don't do fashion.

This time of year it is not unusual to see a pet in clothing. With the frigid temperatures that moved in over the weekend many Hudson Valley Pets were sporting a coat or at least a sweater. National Dress Your Pet Up Day was designed to celebrate your pet's personality. The day was dedicated in 2009 by Colleen Paige a celebrity pet lifestyle expert and behaviorist. Not to surprising when you consider that most celebrity pets were outfit 24/7 365.

It is important that you are careful with how and what you dress in. Safety is important when it comes to outfitting any animal with clothes even if it just to keep them warm. There are pros and cons to dressing a pet sometimes it can even help with pet anxiety.

Over Christmas it was a big gift idea to get you and your pet matching Pajamas. This would be a great way to celebrity this fashion fun National Day. If you do decide to celebrate remember to snap that photo and share it with #dressupyourpetday.

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