Everybody grab your crayons and colored pencils because this Thursday is National Coloring Book Day. The original idea for National coloring day is only 3 years old. Submitted by Dover Publications in May of 2015 during the "coloring craze" the National Day calendar awarded August 2nd as the official day.

Since it inception the coloring trend has fallen off a bit. However, there are still a lot of us that use coloring as a form of relaxation. So celebrate this year maybe with less of a party and more of a tranquil moment to yourself. Of course if you have kids in your orbit they will be thrilled to jump in and color right along side you all day. Grab a box of Crayola Crayons and try to keep it between the lines.



Coloring Nights and Coloring Parties had a following for a while in the local bar and restaurant scene but lately they have gone the way of the painting nights. You can still find them every so often but once again coloring in public has become a personal preference instead of a gathering. Don't let that stop you though, grab your favorite coloring pencils and a new coloring book and head out on Thursday to your favorite place and just sit and color.

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