So Woodstock 2019 is coming to Watkins Glenn International Speedway in August and while the lineup is insanely good, the price is also insane.

According to Bloomberg, if you are planning to head to Woodstock 2019 for all three days, expect to pay about $450.  Now, that may actually seem expensive but it's only a few bucks more than Coachella and actually less than say Lollapalooza.

Take into consideration that 50 years ago you could get a weekend pass to Woodstock for $18 and gas was $.35 a gallon.  It makes sense that the cost has gone up.  Maybe it's gone up a bit much but it is a historic event featuring John Fogerty, Miley Cyrus, Jay-Z and more so it doesn't seem all that bad.

If you plan to go, and aren't camping, that's where the real expense comes from.  Hotel rooms are almost booked so you would have to stay in places like Elmira, or even Binghamton and drive so you would have the expense of gas, etc.

Times have changed but so has the music.  It's your money, spend it how you want but plan on spending a lot.

Should you want tickets, you can get info HERE

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