Spring cleaning will be underway soon. Even if you aren't someone who actually turns their house upside down during this time of year, you must at least reach to the back of a closet or two. Spring cleaning serves some great purposes.

It forces you go through clothes from the past year that probably don't need to be part of your wardrobe next year. It makes you vacuum in places that let's just say you forgot. It is the reason why you discover the plants you haven't watered properly. And it is also why you may finally get rid of some of the Jars in the refrigerator you have stored on the door for way too long.

My favorite spring cleaning project is actually putting away the winter clothes and digging out the spring wardrobe. One year I vacationed in the winter and had to bring out spring and summer clothes early. The wasn't fun because I was in denial when I got back and didn't want to put them away again. I spent the rest of the colder weather with not enough space in my drawers and closet because I had three seasons of shoes and shirts try to share space.

Anyway this year I am actually going to add a chore to my season clothes sort. I am going to ask if things are thread bare. You know so worn that you shouldn't even wear them in the house. I am hoping I can let go of a few things. I have actually already made some progress in that direction. After the blizzard last week I tossed the snow boots that were no longer keeping my feet dry. Two winters I wore them that way. It is just footwear laziness on my part.

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