On Monday afternoon, news broke that current Gov. Andrew Cuomo would be facing some competition during the next election.

Sex and the City star and New Yorker Cynthia Nixon announced she will be running against Cuomo in the New York Democratic Primary this upcoming September.

If you watched her two-minute campaign advertisement, you will notice a focus on the Hudson Valley.

Huffington Post reporter Alexander Kaufman pointed out in a tweet that at 52 seconds into the ad there is a shot of Newburgh, New York. Kaufman continues to explain that Newburgh is an important part of Nixon's campaign because it is an "impoverished Hudson Valley city suing the Cuomo administration over the failure to clean up the chemical tainting its water."

Kaufman also wrote an article earlier in March titled "The Tainted Water Crisis In Upstate New York That Andrew Cuomo Can’t Shake."

In the article, Kaufman speaks to Wayne Vradenburgh who has held the Newburgh Water Department's superintendent position since 2016. The article discusses how Vradenburgh got news that Lake Washington had tested positive for a dangerous chemical.

"It’s been a whirlwind ever since," Vradenburgh tells the Huffington Post.

In her campaign ad, Nixon alludes to the future and fixing problems like New York City's subway problems and issues of poverty throughout the state. Will she be able to help fix Newburgh's water crisis?

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