I keep telling myself that I need to get E-Z Pass so it'll be cheaper when I try to cross the Mid-Hudson Bridge every morning.  Well, today I found out why else I should have E-Z Pass.

I always make sure I keep about $2.00 in my glove box or the middle console or if nothing else, in my wallet and there was never an issue until today.

I pull up to pay to cross the bridge and my wallet doesn't have any cash.  No big deal, I'll check in the console.  Nothing.  I open the glove box and, nothing.  Wait, I don't have money to pay the toll to cross the bridge and I don't have E-Z Pass either.  What am I going to do?

I had to turn around, try to shoot into oncoming traffic and drive to an ATM to take out the money so I could pay my tolls to cross the bridge.  However, because I'm so panic'd I forget to buy the E-Z Pass and just get my $18.50 back and drive on.

I later found out that my wife had taken the money out of my car when she crossed it the other day and knew she didn't have the cash and didn't want to stop at the ATM.

Get E-Z Pass, it saves the extra time to turn around, the shame of not having money and it saves actually a ton of money over time.  $.25 adds up quickly when you cross it at least once a day.


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