If you go into basically any store, whether it be a convenient store, supermarket or dept store, you will notice there really isn't any hand sanitizer on the shelf.

This is to do with the whole Corona Virus.   People are buying it like crazy and worrying about making sure their hands are sanitized and washed.

I don't get it.  You should have been washing your hands all this time, so why are you freaking out now?

It not only amazes me but also grosses me out a little when I observe men in the men's room leave without washing their hands.

I remember one time being at a chain restaurant and watching a food service worker not wash his hands.

The manager came and told me that he was a dish washer so it wasn't "as bad".  Um, yes it is.  Yes, it is.

With that being said, keep washing your hands but don't you think that if we had all been doing it all along that there wouldn't be a shortage?


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