Cannibals, serial killers and ghosts. Oh my. All this legend on one Haunted Westchester Road. Have you been down it before?

If you follow my articles then you know that I love to cover local hauntings, occult stories, bizarre landmarks and strange occurrences throughout the region. It's fun for me to play Fox Mulder from the X-Files and the Hudson Valley seems to have an abundance weirdness to report on.

When I first moved to to the Hudson Valley region I lived in Millbrook and I quickly discovered a place where no local residents dared to tread called Onion Town. It's a small area in Dover Plains rumored to be inhabited by backwoods and self sufficient  people who don't want anything to do with the outside world. I can't say that I blame them right now. Local residents don't wander there and it was also alleged that local police officers won't drive there to help you if there is an altercation. I wrote a piece about Onion Town and I quickly learned that people in the Hudson Valley are not only to refrain from going there but talking about it as well.

I can tell you that I have moved on from Onion Town. There's a new mysterious place to investigate in the Hudson Valley and it is not in Dover Plains.

Apparently there's a haunted one-way road in Westchester County where drivers have reported seeing multiple people with no pigment staring at them late at night.

Where did these rumors come from?

There are several blog sites that share multiple accounts of odd things happening on the road. According to Right on Dudes, there's a desolate and narrow stretch of Buckout Road.

Google Maps
Google Maps

It's rumored that a couple's car broke down in front of a house and when the boyfriend went out to check it he was attacked, hung and eventually eaten by a pack of crazy people with albinism. The house has since gotten the nickname of the 'albino house'. Another rumor that circulated was that the perpetrators were crazed circus performers because Hachaliah Bailey lived nearby.

It is also believed that Albert Fish lived there as well. Fish was a serial child murderer and cannibal who was also rumored to live in that very house. A family reported finding dismembered children in the mailbox.

Many have grown up thinking that the road is cursed and haunted by the ghost of John Buckout, the original owner of the home.

Right on Dudes reports that a few inhabitants of the home have committed suicide over the years.

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