Have you been wondering what looks different on Broadway in Kingston, New York?

Popular Kingston, NY Café Changes Locations

One of the more popular Kingston, New York has made a big change. Half Moon Café has changed locations.

On social media last week the café, which is known for its delicious coffee and mouthwatering hot donuts and desserts, shared on April 22nd, 2024, that that would be the last day at their 36 Broadway location.

They haven't moved too far. Half Moon Café has opened up their new location at 83 Broadway, in Kingston. We reached out to Half Moon Café and asked what the reasoning was behind the move.

Why Did Half Moon Café Move?

It's all because of a hood over their donut machine. They explain, "We had to move out of our space because we didn’t have a hood and Ansul system." When Half Moon first opened mid-pandemic the "local laws did not require it for the donut machine we were using." However, now the laws are different and they wanted to comply with building safety.

Thankfully, there was an opportunity to move into a commercial space that was recently renovated "a block up and across the street."

The bigger location is now open and ready for customers to come by!


Treat Yourself to Something Sweet at Half Moon Café in Kingston, NY

Half Moon Café is a go-to spot for many in the Hudson Valley and those traveling through. I had friends visit from Massachusetts last summer who were staying in Kingston, told them to check out Half Moon and received a "Great recommendation!" text that I'm still proud of today.

The Kingston café is known for its delicious sweet treats like its homemade donuts. I remember around this time last year they announced the return of their Ice Cream Donut sandwiches:

Don't worry, I'll be keeping an eye out on that in case they bring it back again for 2024. But until then, you can enjoy Half Moon's freshly made bread, sandwiches, and other pastries like this bad boy:

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