If you have someone who's learning to drive and is practicing make sure they don't get caught breaking the rules.

Learning to drive is one of the things that most of us can remember experiencing, right? You probably remember the person who spent the most time in the passenger seat alongside you while you did everything you could to avoid having an accident. Some may also remember the roads we practiced on and the first couple of times we attempted to parallel park but did you know that there are specific areas that soon-to-be drivers aren't allowed to practice driving?

Road Test

Not Allowed to Practice Driving in Road Test Sites in New York?

I had no idea that anyone who is learning to drive isn't allowed to practice in the areas that the Department of Motor Vehicles uses as road test sites. I was made aware of the rule after driving past a road sign the other day on Jefferson Street and Lincoln Avenue in Poughkeepsie, NY. The sign (below) tells drivers that they are about to enter a "road test site" and that practicing in a road test site is not permitted.

Road Test Sign

After seeing the sign I spent a few minutes thinking "I can't be the only one who had no idea this was a thing"...LOL! I decided to try and find out if what the sign says in Poughkeepsie is the same for every road test site in New York. According to the New York Senate website Bill 2009-S2318,

"Prohibits holders of learner's permits from driving in a road test area; provides that no holder of a learner's permit shall practice driving or receive driving instruction or education in any area designated by the commissioner of motor vehicles as a road test area."


Google Maps/Canva
Google Maps/Canva

Road Test Sites in the Hudson Valley

Thankfully I didn't find this out the hard way by getting caught teaching my kids to drive in any of the areas...LOL! So if you have a soon-to-be driver make sure you avoid practicing in any of the test site areas in Dutchess County including at Geering Way in Fishkill, NY, IPark Blvd Hopewell Junction, NY, Reservoir Drive in front of Town Hall Millbrook, NY, and the location mentioned above.

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Road Test Sites in Orange County, New York

Orange County offers a few road test sites according to the DMV including at Park Place (facing Church Street) in Goshen, NY, in Middletown at Highland Avenue Middletown, NY, Newburgh at Prospect Street facing the corner of First Street, alongside of cemetery, at the sign Newburgh, NY 12550 and in Port Jervis at Fowler Street facing Ridge Street Port Jervis, NY.

Ulster County, New York Map
Google Maps/Canva

Road Test Sites in Ulster and Sullivan Counties, New York

Ulster County has one site at Tremper Ave and Cornell St, Kingston, NY. Sullivan County also offers one road test site at Government Drive near the intersection with Sturgis (Adjacent to Sullivan County Government Center) in Monticello, NY.

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