Orange County Executive Steven M. Neuhaus announced this week a new county-wide initiative that "aims to address motorists illegally passing stopped school buses."

"Groundbreaking" School Bus Safety Program Announced in Orange County, NY

Orange County Executive Steven Neuhaus announced the addition of a groundbreaking school bus safety program. The initiative in partnership with The Orange County School Bus Safety Program and BusPatrol will "equip the entire school bus fleet across the county with cutting-edge safety technology."

This cutting-edge safety technology includes state-of-the-art AI-powered cameras. These cameras are designed "to detect license plates of vehicles that violate school bus traffic laws."

This includes state-of-the-art AI-powered cameras designed to detect license plates of vehicles that violate school bus traffic laws. The provision, installation, and maintenance of this advanced technology come at zero cost to the school districts and taxpayers, thanks to BusPatrol's violator-funded program.

Additionally, these safety updates to Orange County school buses "come at zero cost to the school districts and taxpayers, thanks to BusPatrol's violator-funded program."

The bus safety program will launch in the Washingtonville School District on June 8th, after an "extensive education and awareness campaign." The campaign will bring prominent road signs that will be strategically installed" in areas that are known to have high instances of stop-arm violations.


New York State School Bus Laws

If you need a refresher, when a school bus stops to drop off or pick up students, drivers must stop as well. Here's a diagram if you're a visual learner:

New York State DMV
New York State DMV

As we now know, driving past a bus stop with the stop sign out could cost you a hefty fine. According to the New York State DMV if it's your first offense drivers may be fined anywhere between $250-$400 and possibly up to 30 days in jail.

For drivers with a second conviction within 3 years of the first, the fine goes up to $270 - $750 and up to 180 days in jail. And of course that goes up again for drivers that have a third conviction or more.

Not only will it cost you monetarily, but drivers who fail to stop for school buses will receive 5 points to their driving record for each conviction.

School Bus Fatalities Across The US

Executive Neuhaus is quoted as saying at the press conference:

"By partnering with BusPatrol and implementing this innovative School Bus Safety Program, the Orange County Emergency Services Department and I are taking proactive measures to protect our students and prevent tragic accidents caused by reckless motorists."

The DMV reports kids ages 4 to 8, or grades K through 3rd) are "most susceptible to a school bus fatality" adding that this age group "represents less than 35% of the student population, were involved in 69% of the fatalities (79 out of 114)."

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