We all have our favorites.

If you think about going to the movies sometimes the decision can be a hard one, right? What movie do we see and most importantly what snacks should we bring with us.

Yeah, I sneak my favorites in with me but I always have to buy the popcorn, it's just soooo good.

The folks at Delish came up with a list of some of our favorite movie snacks and the year that they first started showing up in theaters. The list goes all the way back to like 1920 and of course the early ones are classic.

So after you decide what movie you are going to see, what snack or candy, not counting popcorn, do you have to get when you go to a movie theater? Call the show with your favorite at 845-473-9431 or leave shoot us a message on Facebook.

For me, nothing completes a movie like a big box of Milk Duds and if you wanna try something great, take the Milk Duds and mix them with the movie theather popcorn. Your welcome!

Jess said that Reese's Pieces are her go to snack with Sour Patch Kids coming in a close second.

Here are some of the candies from Delish.....

1920: Jujyfruits
1922: Sno-Caps
1926: Milk Duds
1927: Raisinets
1935: Kit Kat
1949: Whoppers
1949: Junior Mints
1960: Starburst
1963: Sweetarts
1979: Reese's Pieces
1981: Skittles
1982: Runts
1983: Nerds
1985: Sour Patch Kids
1986: AirHeads
1992: Butterfinger BB's

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