Look around your home for a moment. Do you see things that belonged to your parents or even your grandparents? I hope so. As a person who cherishes antiques and family heirlooms it is hard for me to imagine the everyone doesn't collect something from their families history. I can't imagine living without treasurers that have been past down by generations of family.

I am sure you have seen all the TV shows that have you wondering if that soup bowl of Grannies or the ugly paint your Aunt Edna left you might be worth money. We all dream of the American Pickers showing up at our garage to tell us in the mound of junk they have found a priceless restoration project. Or maybe you'll be that smiling person on Antiques Road Show when it actually hits the road again, saying "I had no idea it was worth that much.".

Either way and no matter what remember the true value in an item that has been past down is in the story it tells from your past. The next time some one gives you a family treasure be sure to get the story of the item. And please write it down because details do get fuzzy over time. I like to say it's the story that makes it priceless. If more of us knew the stories we might be slower to sell of the contents of Grandpa's garage. Of course then there wouldn't be anything for all us "junkers" to find and that would be much fun for us either.

Sadly not everyone's heirlooms stay in the family. I spend many a night at local auctions picking up things that people have sold off and more often than not the stories don't come with the item. It might surprise you how many people who buy antiques and family treasurers wish they knew more about the history of the piece they purchased. Everybody loves a good story.

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