In case you are wondering the desk isn't missing. I just wish I never sold it.

As someone who enjoys antiques and antiquing this time of year always has me looking back at the the pieces that got away. Maybe it's all the yard sales starting up again but more likely it is because according to the National Days Calendar (NDC) this Friday April 9th is National Cherish an Antique day. This day every year gets me thinking about the stuff I passed along.

The NDC isn't sure of the origin but they do say that the idea is to realize there is more to an antique than just a price tag. The day is designed for people to take a moment and cherish something that was handed down to them. It can also be an antique you may have bought for yourself.  It is a way to keep the story that goes with the item alive.

Maybe you have a necklace that belonged to your grandmother. Or maybe it is an old set of golf clubs that your Uncle played with in the 1960's. You might have even discovered something at an antique store that you added to you own collection that you are planning to past down to your kids. On Friday take a moment to look at it as an heirloom not just something that might have great value.

Whatever it is that is old in your life and has a story behind it take a moment on Friday to spend time with it. Maybe it is a piece of furniture that needs some wood polish or your great Aunt's favorite cake plate that needs you to bake a cake and use it to display you talents. While your at it take a moment to write down the story behind the item that way no one will forget.

On Friday you can also be like me and think about the things that got away. I know I have a few things I have come across in my day I wish I kept. Most of the family stuff I still have but there is a desk I know I would love to find again. So if you see it let me know.

The Desk I Should have Kept

A few years back I had the opportunity to own a desk with a built in bar and instead of keeping it I sold it and to this day I wish I had kept it. It was way to big for my office but where am I going to find another one like it.

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