The next time you are in the kitchen cabinets you might want to take another look at the pyrex Granny doesn't use anymore. It seems that what's old is new again and worth holding on to or even worth a few bucks. If you stop into a local antique store, thrift shop, Salvation Army or Goodwill you might be surprised what you will find on the shelves.



Over the last few year Purex has made a come back. Those funny bowls that held your Grandma's potato salad or in my case my Mom's famous tuna noodle casserole are all the rage again for cooking. They are durable. They are great in the oven. They clean up easy. And let's face it the colors and patterns aren't as dated as we once thought. The trouble with wanting pyrex is that now everybody wants it too. Your can still buy pyrex new but it is more fun to find the old styles and colors. So with yard sale season right around the corner happy hunting. And remember leave no Goodwill unvisited, who knows what you might find.

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