Can you help me top my tree?

This year is my first Christmas in my new apartment and a few weeks ago Jess and I went over to Bell's Christmas Tree's in Accord and got me a really nice fresh Christmas tree.

Once I put it up in the apartment, I waited until I had my kids to do the decorating. As you can see we put white twinkling lights on it and only a few ornaments because that's all I had at the time.


After I posted that picture on Facebook, I had a bunch of people asked me why we didn't have a tree topper on it and my response was, I'm not sure what to put on top of it?

So as I often do, I'm leaving it up to you guys. What do you have on top of your Christmas tree? Star, Bow an Angel? Call the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show or leave us a comment on Facebook and let us know.

My favorite suggestion so far is the Death Star from the Star Wars movie, sounds really cool.

If you can I would love to see the tree topper at your house so if you can snap a quick picture of it and share it with us on Facebook, I would love you forever...LOL!

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