We got talking this morning on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show about being allergic to different things and WOW some people are allergic to some really good things.

I have had my fair share of run ins with allergic reactions to things, now not me personally but my daughter Julianna, she is allergic to gluten and dairy and has been for a really long time and if she has anything with that stuff in it she can't move. It really is debilitating for her and back when we figured out what was wrong with her the transition to eating things that were gluten free and dairy free was tough but well worth it.

I also mentioned that my brother Phil has told us over the years that he is allergic to Christmas Trees and none of us believe him because I said I don't think that's a real thing and then we had a lady call in to tell us that her son is allergic to Pine and if he is exposed to it he can stop breathing. So scary.

Jess thinks that she might be allergic to pineapple because when she eats it she says that her mouth gets all tingly and her mouth feels like its been cut up. When she mentioned that on the air, we got a call from a guy that said that feeling comes from something called Bromelain.
Some of the other things people mentioned including...

the ocean
shell fish

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