Yes snow is coming and things could get really bad, so we ask what do you do during a snow storm?

Some forecasters are saying we could get well over 2 feet of snow over the next few days so I thought it would be a great time to figure out what we can do during the storm to keep ourselves busy.

Here are my Top 5 things to do during a snow storm....

1. Board Games. If you have a few people that are going to be stuck in the house with you for the storm, it makes for a great time to break out your favorite board or card game. Maybe a nice long game of Monopoly. In my house its the game of Life.

2. New TV Shows. Make a list today of a few TV shows that you would like to start watching and during the storm you can binge watch all day!

3. Download the New 943/973 The Wolf App. You will be able to stay informed during the storm and listen to all of your favorite Hudson Valleys New Country.

4. Cook a feast. Hit the grocery store today and get ready to cook during the storm like its Thanksgiving. If you do cook and are looking for a way to get rid of the leftovers, I will take them.

5. Make Babies. I hope I don't need to explain!

Whatever you choose to do, stay safe!!!!

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