Who do you think did what over the weekend?

Every Monday on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess show we each bring in a list of some of the things we did over the weekend to you guys a chance to get to know us a little better.

After we share our lists with each other, we narrow it down to 3 things each and then we read them to you guys so you can try and figure out who did what.

If you missed our "things" from this morning, here they are:

Person one

1. Went to a Nerf/Dodge Ball birthday party.
2. Had a crazy experience in the locker room at the gym.
3. Watched Stranger Things.

Person two

1. Watched the movie Boss Baby.
2. Got a haircut.
3. Had lunch in Cold Spring.

Who did what?...Find out....

Still can not get the look of my sons face out of my head. He is scarred for life. Thanks old guy!! LOL.

Thanks for watching and we hope that you guys have a great week!

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