A local retailer is helping to promote body positivity in a new way.

You've heard it a million times, 'In a world of the internet and social media, body standards, especially for women, have never been higher.' I've heard it so much I want to throw up every time I hear it, but it's honestly true. Social media and the Internet put enormous pressure on people, specifically women, to adhere to certain beauty standards and rules.

Taylor Dickson

One Hudson Valley retailer said F*** those standards and is helping its shoppers feel great, by using sticky notes. I made the total mistake of going to the Woodbury Commons on Labor Day weekend but was pleasantly surprised when I walked into the dressing room of the store to be greeted with tons of sticky notes.

In Aerie, part of American Eagle, the mirror of the dressing rooms were covered with sticky notes, filled out by shoppers, with encouraging, and kind messages. They ranged from 'You don't look fat!' to 'GURL YOU LOOK AMAZING!!!!!'. I swear both of those messages were on the mirror.

It's nice to see Aerie's body positivity campaign is more than just the ads we see and actually encourages women to encourage other women.