From famous people and drive-in movies to ice cream, Amenia has a little something for everyone.

If you stop for a second and think about what the perfect small-town USA looks like we think the picture you see will look a lot like what we see in the town of Amenia, located in Dutchess County. From the scenic views and farmlands to a perfect small Main street, Amenia is one of Dutchess Counties' best towns, and here's why.

One of Only a Few Places to Enjoy A Drive-in Movie

With only a handful of drive-in movie theaters in the Hudson Valley, Four-Brothers located at 4957 NY-22, Amenia, NY offers guests a few unique ways to not only eat and watch a movie outside they are also home to Hotel Caravana. Hotel Caravana is one of the only places in the area that offers guests the chance to stay overnight in an Airstream camper. According to their website, they invite guests to share stories and drinks around their fire pit, relax in their camper, and "you’re free to rock out. Take advantage of all of our amenities, and use Hotel Caravana as a base camp for exploration of our mystical town, with all of its character — and all of its charac-ters."

Google Maps
Google Maps

Every Hometown Needs an Ice Cream Spot

According to Kerri, who called the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show, Amenia has a great rail trail to walk and explore, but she really wanted to share with us the best place for ice cream!! She told us that Fudgy's at 4789 NY-22, Amenia, is a must-try. Now Fudgy's doesn't just do regular ice cream, they also have some amazing themed ice cream cakes available.

Google Maps
Google Maps

Does Tom Brady Own a House in Amenia?

Tom Brady and his wife Gisele Bündchen built a home in the Silo Ridge area of Amenia, according to Wikipedia. After mentioning it on the air, we received a bunch of text messages from area residents giving us conflicting stories. Linda from Dover Plains texted, "Tom Brady's wife had planned to buy 2 houses at Silo ridge but backed out. The farm was Perotti's and they shut down years ago." Taylor in Pine plains texted, "The farm isn’t there anymore, Tom Brady sold his house at Silo Ridge."

Amenia's Schools have one of our Favorites Names to Say

Students in Amenia attend school in the Webutuck Central School District, now I don't know why but after saying Webutuck on the radio over the years it's one of my favorite schools to say out loud....LOL! We would also like to "shout out" to all the hard-working teachers and staff in the Webutuck school district!

Hudson Valley New York Camping Resorts

The HudsonValley is a camping destination for so many people including those of us who live locally. It is a great way to have a summer vacation every weekend close to home. Many places offer a seasonal rate for you to save money on your stay. You pull the trailer in for the summer and park it for the season which is usually May to October. The camp 7 resorts we found offer family fun amenities and a summer full of exciting activities.

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