This weekend should have been the 2020 Masters from Augusta National but thanks to COVID 19 we will have to wait until possibly November to see who will wear this year's green jacket. This also means that here in New York it won't be socially acceptable to eat a Pimento Cheese Sandwich this weekend.

According to an article by Sports Illustrated the 2020 Master has a target date of November 9th through the 15th. When I asked my resident golfer (my husband) why so late in the year? Why not during July or August? He explained that they actually close the Augusta course for a time during the summer to help preserve it. I was going with it would be just to darn hot in Georgia in July.

No Matter when they get the tournament on the course there is no doubt that the tradition of the Pimento Cheese sandwich in it's green wrapper will be alive and well. I can't be the only person looking forward to that lunch.

Another sad note for our local golfers on this would be Masters weekend is that as of this past Thursday golf courses are now closed in the Hudson Valley until at least the end of the month due to COVID 19.

Green Jacket Ceremonies from Augusta

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