Easter is just a few weeks away and I know a lot of women are trying to figure out where to get the best, most economical dress.  I'm here to tell you I have the answers......sort of.

If floral is your thing, you may want to try Old Navy.  They have a really nice, simple white floral that would pair nicely with maybe a denim jacket for $21.99.  You can see it HERE.

If you don't really have the desire to physically shop for one, (do women ever actually say this?) you can find some really great deals on Amazon.

If you have little ones, there is a really nice, semi dressy, white floral 'Mommy & Me' that you can pick up for just $21.99 or less.

Whatever your style, be it floral, flowy, lacy, simple, dressy or fun you can find them and for way under $50 too.  With that savings, you can buy 2.

HERE are some great examples and pictures and links to them.

Happy dress shopping!

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