If you have a favorite country song, or two, that you haven’t heard in awhile, chances are that Rowdy Yates has it, and a few others you may have forgotten about, and will play them for you weekends on The Original Country Gold with Rowdy Yates, Saturday nights from 7 to midnight and Sunday mornings from 6-11.

This week, Rowdy will be shining the spotlight on Throwbacks of a different kind. He’ll play some of Country Gold’s most requested songs and play a forgotten favorite by the same artist. The show will be full of memories and surprises.

Since I can’t be sure what their most requested songs are, here are a few of my suggestions for this week's show.

I have to believe that Johnny Cash would be one of his most requested artists, so I figure 'A Boy Named Sue' would be the requested song, and here's my forgotten favorite by the Man in Black.


My next guess for one of their most requested artists would be Kenny Rogers and I'm thinking 'The Gambler' would be the song. Here's my forgotten favorite by Kenny.

Should I push my luck with one more? Why not, my last guess is Glen Campbell and the song would be "Witchita Lineman', so my forgotten favorite by Glen is this one.

What are your guesses? Who do you hope to hear on tonight's show? It's going to be a great, fan-favorite show this weekend, don't miss it The Original Country Gold with Rowdy Yates, Saturday night from 7 to midnight and Sunday morning from 6-11 on 94.3/97.3 The Wolf.

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