If you have a favorite country song, or two, that you haven’t heard in awhile, chances are that Rowdy Yates has it, and a few others you may have forgotten about, and will play them for you weekends on The Original Country Gold with Rowdy Yates, Saturday nights from 7 to midnight and Sunday mornings from 6-11.

This week, Rowdy will be shining the spotlight on you. Well, on you and your favorite songs that warm your heart. Apparently he wanted to do this show at the beginning of fall to combat the cool, crisp air. But since it was hazy, hot, and humid, for most of the country, he decided to wait.

This week, he's looking for your requests. He wants to know the songs that you love, that mean something to you, that have really impacted you. Here's a few of my favorite, warm-your-heart songs.

I remember playing this when it first came out and tears just filled my eyes.


I had the opportunity to meet Conway on one of his last tours and told him how much I loved this song.

While I know this is probably too new for Rowdy, this makes my list as well.

It's going to be a great show this weekend, don't miss it as Rowdy wants to play what you want to hear on The Original Country Gold with Rowdy Yates, Saturday night from 7 to midnight and Sunday morning from 6-11 on 94.3/97.3 The Wolf.

Bonus Video: CJ in the Morning

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