Here we go again.

Both Jess and I try to stay up to date with all of the challenges that seem to pop up on social media and if you look hard enough you can find a challenge for everything.

The newest one that I came across is called the "Koala Challenge" and it goes like this, first you need two people to do it. One person just stands there while the other person climbs all over them, like a koala climbing around a tree.

The 'koala' person starts out hanging off the front of you. Then without touching the ground, they have to climb the whole way around your torso, up over your shoulders, down your back and through your legs and then if you do it right they should end up hanging off the front of you again.

It seems easy enough to explain but we thought we needed to take it a step further and see if anybody here at the station would want to try to demonstrate with us...

I do think this could be an HR issue! LOL. Seriously though people are saying that if you try "The Koala Challenge" make sure both of you are in good shape, otherwise, you'll just ruin your back, break your neck, or both and we don' want that.


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