It has to be official once it ends up on Google Maps, right? The notorious New Paltz sign changer may have finally achieved changing the name of South Putt Corners Road.

Last week I was on Google Maps for a random reason and that is when I noticed that the road sign at the intersection of Route 299 and South Putt Corners Road had recently been photographed by the Google car. As you might expect the sign read S. Butt Corners in the photo.

Where is S Butt Corners in New Paltz, New York

S Butt Corners via Google
S Butt Corners via Google

For years this has been an ongoing joke or maybe you would call it a prank after all it is right up the road from a high school in the town of New Paltz. The infamous S. Putt Corners Road street sign that regularly has the "P" changed to a "B".

According to the last Google Street View picture from September 2023, this road has been officially renamed. What are the odds that the Google car would drive by and snap a picture before someone had time to change it back? Pretty good I guess because it finally happened.

Google Street View Makes S. Butt Corners Official in New Paltz, New York

Mischief makers have been changing this sign numerous times. It has actually become commonplace to just refer to the street by that name. There is a North Putt Corners but for some reason that sign never gets the "P" changed to a "B".

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If you go to Google Street View you will see that over time multiple pictures of the street sign have been taken. in recent years there were photos taken in 2017, 2018, 2019, and 2021 but only the recent photo has the S Butt Corners Sign in the picture.

I don't exactly know when this sign first got changed but I definitely feel it had to go as far back as 2019. Either way, it has been around long enough that someone actually made Christmas Ornaments of it last year. The whole thing is kind of a mystery.

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