It looks like we are getting another round of weather this weekend as Winter Storm Gerri heads our way tonight. The Hudson Valley isn't expecting much snow but more rain is on the way.

It seems like so far this has been a very wet January. It is crazy to think that we have been hit by 2 storms back to back, Ember than Finn, and now we are looking at more rain overnight. Three decent Winter storms in one week.

Hudson Valley Hit by Three Named Storms All in One Week

Winter storm Finn followed by warm temperatures managed to melt the foot of snow that Ember left us Saturday into Sunday. This has resulted in some areas around the Hudson Valley seeing flooding over the past few days.

Ole Savannah Southern Table and Bar via Facebook
Ole Savannah Southern Table and Bar via Facebook

We should expect more flooding after tonight in areas that have already seen too much water. Pictures from up and down the Hudson River have been shared on Facebook and one location that has already closed due to flooding from earlier this winter has now been hit again.

Hudson River Restaurant Floods for a Second Time in a Month

Frank Guido's Port of Call in Catskill, New York announced they would be closed until Spring after river flooding caused damage to the restaurant right before Christmas. A mid-December storm that caused flooding to many waterfront businesses near the Hudson River resulted in Port of Call deciding to close for the winter.

Frank Guido's Port of Call via Facebook
Frank Guido's Port of Call via Facebook

Winter Storm Finn didn't spare Port of Call in its travel through the area. Once again the restaurant saw flooding up to its doors. Two other restaurants that have had flood waters from the river approaching their doors were spared this time. Ole Savannah Southern Table and Bar on the Rondout in Kingston and Billy Joe's Ribworks in Newburgh.

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Ole Savannah reported that they were able to keep the water away. The only thing Billy Joe's had to do was cancel their line dancing night this past Tuesday due to the severity of the storm with power outages expected. So with this week's weather in the rearview mirror, we will keep an eye on Winter Storm Gerri and await the next storm which will be named Heather.

Winter Storm Names for 2023 and 2024

Not every storm gets a name. The Weather Channel started naming storms about 12 years ago explains what it takes to have a storm get a name in the video above.

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