We are on Royal Wedding watch for this coming weekend. It will be hard to miss the coverage of Harry and Meghan's big day. Every television network plus numerous social media outlets will be doing week long coverage. The 24 hours leading up to the "I do's" will most likely be all wedding, all the time, everywhere you turn. I am still in the planning stages of my celebration but it will involve getting up really early, friends, food, bubbly and big screen so I can feel as though I am really there in person.

In the past I have gotten up to watch Royal I do's. My first was Prince Charles marrying Lady Diana. I can still remember sitting on the edge of my bed watching it on a small black and white tv with my Mom and sister. I remember knowing about Princess Anne's wedding in 1973 but for some reason I can't remember why I didn't get to watch it. And of course I was up front and center, fascinator and all for William and Kate's big day.

Town and Country Magazine online has put together a great list of celebrities weddings by year. Check out which wedding we were watching the year you were born.

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