Megan is set to walk down the aisle on May 19 and the question has been posed: will she or won't she wear a tiara? Town & Country Magazine online has compiled a list of choices that the newest bride could choose from but there is a growing rumble that Megan might decide to go without the royal accessory.

I can't help but stay glued to every detail about this wedding. I was fascinated as a young girl by Diana and Charles' big day. And of course, William and Kate's day truly looked like a Disney-staged fairytale. This upcoming royal wedding is sure not to disappoint.

However, I personally am hoping that the "American soon to be Princess" will choose to wear a tiara on her big day. And I'm hoping it is a spectacular one at that. After all, isn't it a dream of all of us who want be princesses to one day be able to sport a real royal tiara in all its grandeur?

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