Ladies, have you ever had a moment in your life where you thought you deserved to wear a tiara? With all the royal wedding this year the idea of wearing a tiara has sort of gotten dusted off as a possibility for not just royalty. We expect Queens and Princesses to show up in a tiara every now and then but what about the rest of us? If we aren't a beauty queen could we pull it off?

I am thinking there maybe a few occasions when an average commoner could pull off wearing a tiara.

1 - Your actual Wedding Day - even if you sported a tiara during the bachelorette weekend I think as part of your wedding attire. You could definitely wear a tiara and it could be as big as the rhinestone gem you wore out bar hopping with the girls.

2 - Your 50th Birthday Party - I had one and managed to pull it off. Of course it was black and spelled out 50 but after all that was the theme. It also looked better than the goofy paper hats other people insisted on wearing that night.

3 - Watching an awards show.- CMA's or the Oscars it is always appropriate to have some fun while watch award shows on TV. The Oscars are actually the perfect night to be fashion forward. This Months CMAs could prove to be a night for the tiara as well.

Basically I think if the crown fits wear it. We all have special occasions in outrlife when we want to have fun and be glamorous. Nothing says glamour more that a sparkly head band which is basically the definition of a tiara. I say go for it. The next time you have the urge to take it up a notch fashion wise down fear the tiara.

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