You may never have heard of the combination before now but chances are it will be served at your next gathering that involves cake. Lemon and Elderflower are the flavors for the Royal Wedding Cake this weekend and the combination is taking the baking world by storm.

HGTV offers a recipe for those of us who want to create our own version for a Royal Wedding celebration. BBC Good Food's version maybe a bit more authentic to the actual cake that will be served in Windsor. Sugar and Charm also offers their take on the Royal confection and it actually looks like a lighter fresher recipe than some that have been mentioned online.

According to Delish versions of the actual cake are starting to show up on social media. The Pastry Chef selected to make the Royal Wedding Cake is named Claire Ptak. She has been sharing pictures of crates of lemons arriving to the bakery with her social media following. Claire according to Delish is from California but now own a bakery in London name Violet Cakes. Harry and Meghan's cake will be lemon with elderflower iced in buttercream and covered in fresh flowers.

Fun fact: St Germain is made from elderflowers. Click here for a cocktail idea to go along with your cake.

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