If you're driving Route 32 between New Paltz and Newburgh you are going to want to plan for a detour starting Monday (Oct 4, 2021).

The one nice thing about the Hudson Valley is that you can always find your way around on the back roads if you need to. Starting Monday you may have to change your route if you travel between Newburgh and New Paltz using State Route 32.

The New Paltz Police Department shared information they received from the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) that the DOT will be doing what they are calling emergency culvert repairs. The work will start on Monday and hopefully wrap up by Friday, October 8th.

No reason was given for the repair. It is unclear if this problem just happened or if it is the result of wear and tear on the road. We have had quite a few damaging storms this summer but no reason was given for why the culvert needs to be replaced.

Route 32 and 208 in New Paltz via Google Maps
Route 32 and 208 in New Paltz via Google Maps

The repair according to the New Paltz Police Department will be in the area of Schreiber's Lane. One comment on the Facebook post actually places the repair at Schreiber's Lane. The suggested detour will have you going west onto Janson Rd down to State Route 208 if you are traveling South. If you are headed North from Newburgh you will be sent West onto onto Route 44.

It may be a good idea just to avoid the area all together all week. Detour signs will be up to help guide drivers in the area.

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