We need more of this in the Hudson Valley.

Every once and a while I find something on social media that automatically puts a smile on my face and when it happens I have to share it, so by writing about it, I hope that it does the same for you.

We are all dealing with a lot of things these days from politics to COVID to issues involving police departments, things that everyone seems to be arguing about so when you need a break from all of it sometimes you just need to stop and shoot some hoops!

That's exactly what one Red Hook police officer did just the other day while patrolling the Dutchess County town. According to a friend of mine on Facebook, Cristi, her son and a friend were outside of there house in Red Hook the other day when a local officer stopped to join the boys for a quick shoot around.

She told me that her son Tucker and his friend Noah, who attend Linden Ave Middle School and are both from Red Hook, were outside on the street just shooting around when the officer stopped his patrol car and asked if he could join in. The boys of course welcomed him to play and they wound up throwing up shots for a few minutes before the officer left to continue his patrol.

When I spoke to Cristi about the quick shoot around she told me that, "This made my heart so happy. God I love our little Village." We love it to Christi! No word on the name of the future NBA police officer star, but we wanted to let him know, JOB WELL DONE SIR!

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