This actually happens and it's cringeworthy to witness.

I'm sorry but some people need to read this before the summer hits.

We're just about a week a way from the official start of summer but we've already been experiencing some exceptionally hot temperatures. People are trying to stay cool any way they can. Some are hanging out at the pool, cranking up their air conditioning units or even drinking ice cold beverages.

You'll most likely find yourself needing a bag of ice from a local convenience store in the next few weeks. Did you know that there is a wrong way to buy ice? Well, it's not illegal and I don't know if I can call it wrong but it sure is dumb.

Don't look at this article as snobby. Consider it a public service announcement. There is a right and wrong way to buy packs of ice in the Hudson Valley or anywhere for that matter.

I think the majority of us have a good handle on it but there are a few who need to look at this as a teachable moment.

When you're at the store and you need a bag of ice be sure to do all your shopping first. When you go to pay for your things then ask for two bags of ice and then pay for it with the rest of your things. Please do not go grab two bags of ice before you walk in and then travel around the store for 15 minutes.

People actually do this and it's astonishing. They track water for other people to slip and then put them on them on the checkout counter and flood it. This really needs to stop. You're supposed to get it afterwards. That's why they're unlocked.

Whenever I see this I try not to stare. I know it's not polite but this is both dumb and it's dangerous. You're going to get someone hurt if you pay for ice this way.

I realize that buying ice isn't one of those things you're taught in school but it's just common sense. Not to mention the fact that you're buying melted ice.

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