Is that cliche true?

If you're anything like us, at one time or another you probably needed to spend sometime at a therapists office...LOL!! I mean we all have our issues and with the state of the world some of us can get to the doctors office so every Wednesday on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess Show we turn the radio over to one fan who has an issue they need some advice with.

Some weeks a little less serious than others. This weeks email is real serious and if you can help this guy out, we know he would be really appreciative. Here is what he sent us...

"So my wife and I have talked about getting a divorce back in March, and we told our parents and friends but not our kids. Now fast forward four months later and being together every day, we have both had second thoughts because we've bonded like I never thought we could. The reason we were going to get the divorce is I cheated on her with one of my co-workers. I did think that I loved her, but now I realized it was just about "adult relations". Since I'm working from home, I realized I don't love her, I don't want to be with her, I want to make it work with my wife. I'm worried about how we're going to make our marriage work since all of her friends and family know about what I did, and most of them are still pissed at me. They have all said some hurtful and mean things about me. My thing is if my wife can forgive me why can't her family and friends do the same? What can I do to show everybody that I'm not the same man I was before? Her dad told her not to trust me because I'm stuck at home and once things get back to normal I'll go back to my ways. How can I prove to them I've changed?"

What do you guys think? I do agree with a bunch of fans that called and texted us that is so hard to forgive but almost impossible to forget and like Jess mentioned I think that they need to discuss him finding a new job.

I also think that this email is a good start for them to try and fix their issues but do recommend maybe talking to a professional. If you have some advice reach out to us now through the app.

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