Seven of the New York Lottery's popular scratch-off games are expiring in the next month or so.

If you are like the thousands of New Yorkers who spend a few bucks every once in a while on scratch-off tickets make sure you check any of them you have lying around to make sure they aren't winners because seven games are expiring soon.

New York Lottery
New York Lottery

Do New York Lottery Scratch-Off Tickets Expire?

Yes, almost all of the New York Lottery's scratch-off tickets have an expiration date, and if you have a winning ticket and don't cash it in by the game's expiration date you lose out on all winnings. I'm the type of scratch-off player who will buy a ticket at the gas station and either scratch it off in the car or I'll wait until I get home to scratch and see if I've won anything.

New York Lottery
New York Lottery

If I win a small amount (anything under $20) I usually put the winning tickets in the sun visor in my car and after I accumulate a bunch of winners I will bring them into the store at some point. Usually, I don't win much so there have been times when I've waited (forgot...LOL) months to cash in and had no idea that games and prizes expire and if you try to cash in a ticket that has expired they won't give you what the ticket says you won.

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To ensure this doesn't happen to anyone here are the 7 New York Lottery scratch-off games that will expire in the next few weeks and months. So make sure you check the car and your pocketbooks for any winners and cash them in before its too late!

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