Check your tickets!!! A winning $1 million Mega Millions ticket was sold in Dutchess County, New York last week.

January has been a lucky month for a couple of lottery players in the Hudson Valley and we can now confirm that one lucky lottery player who purchased a Mega Millions ticket in Dutchess County has become the Hudson Valley's newest millionaire!

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Million Dollar Winner in Dutchess County, New York

The new year has started with one lucky Mega Millions player changing tax brackets as a second-place winning ticket in the Mega Millions drawing from Friday, January 26th has produced a brand new millionaire in the Hudson Valley according to News 10. The second prize 1 million dollar ticket was sold at Verbank Deli (Nour Grocery Corp), located at 3122 Route 82 in Verbank, New York, and had one player match all five numbers drawn Friday, missing the Mega jackpot by one number. It's unclear who purchased the ticket but the Verbank Deli will soon be on the receiving end of a nice bonus as most lottery retailers that sell a winning ticket get a bonus from the lottery after selling a winning ticket. Often it's a percentage of the amount won according to RivRapp.

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Canva/Google Maps

Two New Millionaires in New York

The winning numbers from Friday were 14, 31, 34, 50, and 61 and the Mega Ball was 13 according to the New York lottery. There were two second-place winners in New York with the Verbank winner mentioned above and another winner who also matched all five numbers in the Bronx, New York. Both tickets missed the estimated Mega jackpot of $285 million by one number which now means the next Mega Millions drawing will have an estimated jackpot of $311 Million. Mega Millions drawings are held every Tuesday and Friday at 11 p.m.

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