There is no doubt that if you are a pet lover one of the hardest things you have to do is say goodbye. Other than maybe a parrot or tortoise our pets will most likely predecease us. However, it is also always a good idea to have a plan for your pet on the off chance you go first. To many pets end up in shelters each year due to the fact that their human passed away and no plan was made for someone to care for the furry or feathered friend left behind. But that is not the purpose of this blog. Instead I want to discuss where you bury your beloved pet.

Today I saw an article online that said that New York State now allows our pets to be buried with us in a human cemetery. It seems this has been available to New York pet lovers since around 2016 and has just recently come to light again thanks to social media. There are some restrictions but they seem reasonable. By the way burying your pet in your back yard is has it's own rules and regulations. A topic for another time.

Turns out it is still illegal in different places around the US to have your pet buried with you. Some people have been so upset by this they have actually been buried in a pet cemeteries so that they don't have to be separated from their pet in the after life. So if you are hoping to be laid to rest with a pet make sure you have a plan.

Their are rules as to how you pet can get buried with you in New York State. There is also the possibility that your cemetery says "No" so having a plan in advance (prearranging your service to include your pets) is a really good idea. I myself have two pets on the mantle.It is nice to know that I now don't have to sneak them into the afterlife if I am buried in New York.

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