I don't know how much success you have had on dating apps recently but I have a few friends that have either been semi successful or have had zero success at all.

There are so many dating apps out there now as well.   Farmers Only, Tinder, E-Harmony and so many more that if I was single, my brain would probably explode.

Between the swiping left or right, wondering if there is a true connection, how creepy the person is, will you get ghosted and more, one single guy decided to take matters into his own hands and create an app to prevent all of that.

Aaron Smith from North Carolina decided to create a dating app that allows women to join but the only available match is him.

Aaron says that he really gets no calls from girls except his mom.

The app is called Singularity and he has a commercial that you can watch HERE

Happy dating.  I guess.

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