The Popsicle a symbol of summer. These days you can get them in just about any flavor. You can even get a Cocktail Popsicle. So how they decided that May 27th would be National Grape Popsicle Day sort of puzzles me but we will go with it. The only other Popsicle flavor with a National Day is Blueberry.

The story behind how the Popsicle came to be is actually cute. According to the National Days Calendar it was a complete accident. The story goes that an 11 year old named Frank Epperson left a drink he was mixing out overnight . When he found it the next morning the stick he was using to stir the drink was stuck in the frozen beverage,. The year was 1905.  It goes on to say that in 1924 he applied for a patent for what he was now referring to as the Epsicle ice pop which he then renamed the Popsicle.

So back to my flavor dilemma. I have never been a fan of the grape Popsicle so I am actually surprised that out of all the flavor that could have been selected the grape flavor was picked. What about watermelon that is one of my favorites. I also like cherry. But the best, the one that should have a National Day is root beer. And if you doubt that root beer is the best flavor just remember it was good enough to make it into a number 1 Tim McGraw song, just sayin' "when it's hot eat a root beer Popsicle".

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