As we move through the month of October I don't want to miss the opportunity to remind you that one of my favorite trees will be celebrating a National Day. Each Fall I remind people about Witch Hazel because I think it often gets overlooked

October 21st is National Witch Hazel Day annually. It is fitting to celebrate this tree and all it can do in October because that is when it is showing off all its bright colors. Witch Hazel has brilliant yellow leaves in the Fall, sometimes after all the other tree have lost their leaves.

The Witch Hazel Tree is Native to New York

Laura Ockel via UnSlpash
Laura Ockel via UnSlpash

Ever since I was a kid my mom had witch hazel in the cabinet. I will be honest, as an adult I had forgotten about it until a friend recommended it after I got eaten by mosquitos one night at a backyard party. Since then it has been my bug bite cure. I also like using it to get the dirt of the day off my face at night.

Does Witch Hazel Have Anything to Do with Witches?

The Old Farmer's Almanac has lots of insight on the plant Witch Hazel including that it has nothing to do with Witches. The name Witch is derived from an old Middle English word wych or wyche which means flexible. The "Hazel" part is apparently from the plant's similarity to hazelnut.

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Witch Hazel NY via Facebook
Witch Hazel NY via Facebook

There is a Store Named Witch Hazel NY in Beacon

Rather fitting that a store that offers personal care products has taken on the name Witch Hazel. This modern-day apothecary in Beacon, New York most likely has a few items that have witch hazel ingredients. If they don't, let me know because that would be astonishing.

What are the Benefits of Using Witch Hazel?

The National Days Calendar has shared the benefits listed below at

The Many Benefits of Witch Hazel include:

  • Cleanses skin of dirt, excess oil, and residue without stripping skin of its natural moisture

  • Tightens pores for smoother skin

  • Prepares skin for skin treatment and makeup application

  • Helps control excess oil production

  • Reduces irritation

  • Helps remove the last traces of makeup

  • Soothes razor burn

  • Treats minor cuts and scrapes

  • Reduces irritation from bug bites

More Than You Ever Need to Know About Witch Hazel

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