The answer is No, so hear me out. You are going to hear a lot about recycling over the next few days. America Recycles Day is coming up Tuesday, November 15th. Of course, every day should be a recycling day if you think about it.

So many things get through away the wrong way. I just had my garage roof redone and I need to get rid of all the items that got ruined when the roof leaked last winter. I can't just throw most of it in the trash. There is old paint and weird metal stuff and general junk. My plan is to order one of those big dumpsters in the spring but there is some stuff that can't go in there either.

Why You Should Recycle in New York?

Now you may be saying "there is the problem right there, you can't throw away stuff but then what do you do with it?" Simple you recycle it. You may not be able to put it in your garbage recycle bin but you can most likely take it to a transfer station and dump it there immediately.

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Dumping stuff properly is one issue but recycling goes one step further. It asks us to consider if that item can be disposed of in a way that would let it be repurposed for another use. That is what America Recycles Day is all about. this is where I want to shout out places like Restore of Dutchess. They are just one of many donation sights around our area that will take in donated reclaimed building materials, furniture, appliance, and tool for resale.

How Does Habitat for Humanity Help Recycling?

Places like Restore help keep good useable items out of the waste stream. The sale of these items helps people in our community become homeowners and it is also a great place to find things that are big savings. Maybe find a place similar in your area and instead of throwing it out, donate it. That is a form of recycling that benefits all of us.

Wilson Wen
Wilson Wen

Another interesting fact that I found when reading the National Days Calendar for America Recycles Days is that America apparently recycles 65% of our aluminum cans. They also say that 105,800 cans are recycled every minute. That's a fun fact to surprise your water cooler friends with on November 15th, 2022.

Where are the Dumps in the Hudson Valley?

Hudson Valley Transfer Stations

This is a list of Hudson Valley Transfer Stations. Most are open to the public but a few have residency restrictions. Transfer stations are the best place to drop off unwanted trash. They sort and properly dispose of all types of materials.

12 Things You Should NEVER Recycle

While many people already know that recycling is good for the environment, they may actually be putting the wrong things in their recycling bins. Here are 12 items that most people think are recycled, but are usually just discarded into the trash at the transfer station.

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