If you searched your desk right now, you might be hard-pressed to find one. I don't care how organized your desk is, I still would take the bet that you don't have one of these on your desk or in a desk drawer. I can't actually remember the last time I saw one in my workplace. I am talking about a good old fashion pencil with an eraser on the end

The Yellow number 2 pencil was a staple of my bookbag when I was growing up. Of course, so was the giant pencil sharpener on the wall that we used to sharpen them. I am sure if I look hard enough that somewhere around the radio station I could find one, but I am going to predict when I do the eraser will either be gone or so harden it's unusable.

Hudson Valley Can Celebrate National Pencil Day

I got thinking about pencils because it turns out later this week (March 30th) is National Pencil Day according to the National Days Calendar. Apparently, they established it in 1970 to commemorate the day that Hymen Lipman the inventor of the pencil with the eraser received his patent for the pencil with the erasers on the end. The exact date of the patent is March 30th, 1858. So now you know but the question is do you still have one?

Vintage background - old pencil on a letter

Hudson Valley Can Celebrate National Crayon Day

By the way, as long as we are talking about pencils we might as well mention crayons because it turns out National Crayon Day is observed on March 31st. The National Days folks are still trying to find out why they commemorate the crayon on March 31st but if you ask me it is pretty timely being so close to National Pencil Day.

Multi Coloured Crayons set against a plain backgrund.

Places to Buy Pencils and Crayons in the Hudson Valley

Paper Trail in Rhinebeck - 6423 Montgomery Street Rhinebeck - (845) 876 - 8050

Manny's Art Supplies - 83 Main Street New Paltz - (845) 255 - 9902

Catskill Art Supply - 230 Plaza Road Kingston - (845) 331 - 3735

Zakka Joy - 177 Main Street Beacon - (845) 632 - 3383

Places in Newburgh celebrate with Food, Drink, and a View

Newburgh New York Water Front Restaurants

It has boats. It has entertainment and boy does it have an amazing selection of food and drink. Take in the beautiful Newburgh Waterfront on the historic Hudson River while enjoying top-shelf food and drink. Fine and casual dining with a backdrop of the Hudson River from the Newburgh Beacon Bridge to the north and Bannerman's castle to the south. What the river and the boats go by while enjoying every type of food you can imagine from pizza to seafood to steaks to barbeques even tacos you can have it all at these 8 Newburgh Waterfront restaurants.

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