Montgomery is one of my favorite towns throughout the Hudson Valley.

When I first started working at the radio station I did a few events there, and it has one of the cutest main streets I have ever seen.

There are tons of great restaurants, and you really get the small-town charm feeling when your there.

I wanted to dig a little bit deeper into the history and I found some pretty cool stuff from Wikipedia.

Name Change

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The name originally was Hanover, but then in 1782 it was changed to it's now name Montgomery.

Transportation Hub

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Montgomery was known for being a major transportation area for trains. Major railroad companies went through here such as New Haven, Hartford, New York, and Wallkill Valley Railroad.


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This is something I always find very interesting about New York, there are hamlets throughout towns. (In Connecticut we don't have this lol) The ones that help make up Montgomery are Allards, Berea, Coldenham, Maybrook, Morrison Heights, Scotts Corner, and Walden.

If you know anything else about Montgomery feel free to drop a comment below.

Here at the Wolf, we are so excited that more towns throughout the Hudson Valley will be able to enjoy country music with us. Montgomery can now hear country music on 97.7 FM.