Stolen from a house that is for sale!

Every Wednesday it's something different on the Wakin' Up with CJ and Jess show, with what we call "We Gotcha Wednesday." It's our weekly attempt at helping out a fellow Wolf listener with something they are dealing with in their life.

To help, each Wednesday morning we open up our email and pick out one email from a fan of the show that's looking for some advice with an issue they are dealing with. This week we got an email from Luke who's looking for some advice with something criminal that went down at his house. Here's the email he sent to us....

"Hey guys not quite sure if you guys can help me out with this but I figured I’d ask. My wife and I are in the process of selling our house. We've been having showings for about 2 weeks and have had a bunch. Hopefully we sell quick! Anyway we had some showings over the weekend and on Saturday we had 5 different people come thru and at some point, someone went into our medicine cabinet and stole a bottle of prescription meds. When I noticed it was gone, I started to take a quick inventory and noticed that some cash was taken from my sock drawer as well. We have no clue who would do something like this. Who do you think we should hold responsible for it? Should we contact all the agents that showed the house? Is it the real estate agent's fault if someone steals from your house during a viewing? What do you think?"

WOW! It's sad to me that people would steal from someone's house like this. I do think they should contact everyone that has been in their house since it happened and maybe contact the police as well.

Also if you're ever thinking of selling your house, take this an example of what NOT to do! Make sure you leave nothing in the medicine cabinet that someone could steal and never leave cash at the house...EVER!!!

What do you think they should do? Call or text us through the Wolf app and share what you would do if this happened to you.

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